Welcome to the Parinfer forum!


What is Parinfer? Parinfer is a long-term project to help make Lisp editing nicer for newcomers and experts alike. Lisp parentheses can distract and overwhelm, so Parinfer is my attempt to provide the best possible UX with no configuration, no hotkeys, and no change in syntax—just indent your code and the parentheses will move in kind.

What is this forum for? This forum is a place for people to ask questions about Parinfer, no matter what plugin, scope, or context. Our #parinfer slack channel on clojurians is quite ephemeral, and not everyone is comfortable asking questions in a GitHub issue tracker. So I want this to catch all discussion and to welcome more feedback and questions.

Where can I get updates?
Parinfer is funded on Patreon. I post regular updates there, but I will also post them here in case users here have thoughts or questions.

Thank you! You are helping to make Parinfer great with your feedback and questions :slight_smile: